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Spiffy new painter!!!

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789563 No.842  

Fuck the turf wars, I only want to go fishing.

What are the best fishing spots on the island, anons?

>> No.843  

I for one love fishing in the desert. No one is ever there, no distractions. It’s just you, your rod out, and river of Baja.

Sure the mutant fish don’t taste great, but you can just throw them back. It’s the purest form of the sport.

>> No.844  


>> No.845  

>>844 you say that, but im swimming in hot chicks, bro. As they say, there a lot of fish in the sea, and i'm going to catch them all 🥒

>> No.850  

>>845 why the pickle?

>> No.851  

Swimin in pickles

>> No.852  

>>850 I'm gonna shove my pickle dick inside you

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