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Spiffy new painter!!!

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64310 No.623  

Hey guys and gals, Lets get an appreciation thread going for La Pax's best boy Otomine!
Post your favorite moments from the show. Post about his hobbies, why you love Otomine. Post about Ships (Leonfags stay out!)
Also feel free to post fun facts about Otomine!

>> No.624  

Imagine liking Otomine, physically cannot be me

>> No.625  

FUCK YOU OTOMINEFAG!!! How about you start supporting REAL CHADS like LEON S KENNEDY instead of tryhard fuckbois who keep shilling their music like skanks!!!

>> No.626  

Fun fact: Otomine lost an eye in a fishing boat accident. One of them is glass but he doesn’t like talking about it.

>> No.629  

Fun fact: Otomine got his start covering BLT songs, but you won't hear him mention this

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