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Spiffy new painter!!!

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File: 1588420682619.jpg -(420546 B, 1200x1717) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
420546 No.572  

It's almost summer so I might as well make the thread. Selling Moony x Alexis dj for the cheap price of 3,000 BFB. Very short chapter that I made on a whim after seeing Alexis on the news today, so fans of my previous work should lower their expectations a bit. Due to the dumb Speak stuff going on (man who is dumb enough to just show off their Stand like that am I right?) I will be taking online payments only.

Please reply to this post if you're interested in purchasing this dj. So far I have 6 copies available along with a 7th special edition copy with a unique paperback and some other doodles on the end page. Write your paypal email in your post and I'll contact you asap.

Much love,


>> No.576  

wtf aren't you on the run

>> No.577  

Me? On the run? Why would I be?? I'm certainly not hiding in some shady place because of a news report or anything. No sir. Now are you buying or what?

>> No.578  


>> No.579  

Hey Leon I've got a doujin I went to sell you. Just send me your current address and I'll deliver it.

>> No.580  

Says that your paypal account got suspended or something. You broke maybe? I don't run a charity sorry

Leon? Who's that? No idea who you're talking about. Anyway, tell me the doujin name and price first and I will consider whether to purchase it or not.

>> No.581  

Do you do commissions?

>> No.582  



I have money - I swear. Check again!

>> No.585  

Is this legal? Can you use Moony's likeness?

>> No.587  

Yes. My rates are 500 BFB per page. 1,000 per colored page. 100 BFB for character portraits (with or without background) and 200 BFB if you need them colored. Add an extra 300 BFB and I'll draw any fetish of your choice (inflation, furry, toe sucking, scat etc.)

DM me if interested. My Discord is LSK#6969.

I tried to message your account again but it says it has been deleted because of unsavory purchases in the past. You haven't bought anything nasty recently, right? Said something about a fursuit purchase...

Well this ain't America for sure. Copyright is barely a law on this island, so I might as well indulge. Plus, I'm sure Moony wouldn't mind. We all know she's a slut anyway. You interested in buying perhaps, MP?

>> No.589  

I want to commission some art of this Leon guy and a brunette (I'll send you a reference image, it's NOT my sister). I also want there to be a crying asian woman in the background. Would this count as NTR and would I need to pay extra?

>> No.591  

I want to commission Moony x Otomine please I think that would be super hot

>> No.592  

Can I get uh otter x Alexis

>> No.593  
File: 1588529438634.png -(166308 B, 512x728) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Can I have whiskey poison and Uhm... Shota Mother's Milk please?

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