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Spiffy new painter!!!

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File: 1588043450206.png -(4008784 B, 1772x1393) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4008784 No.511  

In this thread we discuss about which character of the island fits which type

>> No.512  

>>511 Blanche is definitely the cold type, no doubt about it

>> No.513  

Doris has to be the Bully type

>> No.514  

Mfw there are no Hot Ara Ara mommies :,(

>> No.515  

Bkz is that you?

>> No.516  

Alex is the sleepy type, 100%.

>> No.517  

Where’s the Guy chart? Cause Koshi would 100% be a himbo

>> No.518  

Pre-Island Alex? Tomboy type. After his stand revelation, I do agree, Sleepy.

>> No.519  

Max for sure is the one getting stepped on. Definitely.

>> No.520  

>>513 she's smug, not a bully

>> No.521  

no moe posted this one. he asked me for the image.

>> No.522  

be the change you want to see

>> No.524  

>>521 sure he did, bkz. You're lying.

>> No.525  

who is this

>> No.528  

Biffy is the tomboy type for sure aka the best type on the chart

Time to simp for Biffy

>> No.529  

>>528 what does Biffy's armpits taste like?

>> No.531  


almond cake

>> No.583  

>>531 and Her feet?

>> No.584  



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