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Spiffy new painter!!!

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96962 No.437  

2 events in an Jungle is already filled with certified jobbers, lol say good bye to any rankings in the popularity poll for next chapter from these idiots

>> No.438  

The only place the loser faction will win is in the polls.

>> No.443  


Yeah, the poll of "most useless faction" lmao

>> No.448  

1st is 1st bro

>> No.453  

i feel bad for the dog bros :(

>> No.455  

Queen deserves all the peanutbutter she can get

>> No.481  

wht happened 2 Queen

>> No.484  


Change peanutbutter to chocolate and then we'll talk. Who the fuck thought making a dog a general was a good idea. What the fuck is this bitch even saying half the time?

>> No.486  


Ask LD

>> No.487  

You obviously didn't grow up with dogs anon

>> No.498  


He’s not gonna grow up at all. He dies now

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