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Spiffy new painter!!!

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373678 No.292  

Why even have gacha when there’s no hunks? Good luck making any money with your flabby-tummied men and flat-chested girls. I’m gonna go plate FGO, losers

>> No.293  

Why you...
Just you wait until the SM Part 2 characters get revealed, you bastard

>> No.294  
File: 1559852238659.png -(577836 B, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

not even an ep passed and he is already way better

>> No.295  

Imagine finding some generic ass character more interesting than Dolce... you losers eat up anything with a British accent

>> No.297  

Is this whole thread one guy talking to himself???

>> No.298  

More gacha or we riot

>> No.299  


>caring about low quality jpgs of his flavor of the week husbandos and waifus

Have sex, incel, and go play a REAL game

>> No.300  


Yeah, go play the Instant Crush Mecha game. Oh wait that was canceled

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