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22732 No.278  

MFW a fucking children's show has better characters and plot than the sad excuse that is SM and IC

>> No.279  

Fuck off, SM is AOTY and your puny brain can't even begin to comprehend the deep plot of IC

>> No.280  

You right, clearly I cant appreciate the cast literally getting decked by cats and coons. Marty is so cool, I like how he just spouts memes cause the writers can't make actual jokes.

>> No.281  
File: 1546386956144.jpg -(164230 B, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Adefags still seething I see. Just accept that Lord Marty is the best thing to come out of SM in a while. Or are you telling me you enjoyed the shitty filler and recaps in previous episodes dedicated to total nobodies? Who else here remembers how stupid the Pigeon John fight was? A bunch of dudes just appeared out of nowhere and introduced themselves for no reason. That plot point never went anywhere.

>> No.282  

Everyone just wants to be a contrarian wow

>> No.283  

Wow, Marty shills still exist? Guess yall are the reasons why the writers got scared and stopped Moma and Paramour from being actual threats. Gotta appease the man-children who want the "funni screams and party rockings". SM was pretty bad already, yall just making it straight garbage

>> No.284  

Dead wrong, but it's understandable to think that considering you're on this board which isn't very full of special people, anyway.

This is a series intended for thinkers and analytical creatures, people who can relate to the hyper-intelligent characters and learn a little bit about how to control and utilize their talents and genetic superiority instead of wasting away. There really isn't a single character presented so far who has an IQ less than 130. It's really a far cry from other shounen, like One Piece or HxH, in that the mangaka KNOWS how smart people in the real world actually think and go about their actions. What I'm trying to say is that this isn't really for you, but that's quite alright and nothing to be ashamed of.

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